Uber Offers More Than Just A Ride

OXFORD, Miss. – On Friday, August 27, 2018, The Oxford Eagle released an article about the popular car-riding service, Uber, now providing a food-delivery option to its passengers.

Uber has become a service that many college-aged students have become popular with using, as it provides them with safe transportation. However, now it is expanding its use to more than transportation — food delivery.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and believe it works for many reasons. Because of the influx of new students in the LOU community, Oxford’s traffic has grown; therefore, going from one place to another has grown difficult. With the new Uber Eats service, fewer people will be driving on the road.

This article answers most of the important questions its readers need to know: “Who is this for?” “What is it?” “Where is this taking place?” “Why do we have this?”

Eleanor George, a spokesperson for Uber, quoted that the goal for this new service is to provide people with the food they love and to allow more customers in different restaurants.

I also thought this article worked because it told us what restaurants this new service would include, which is beneficial to its readers. The article didn’t leave off any important details in my opinion; however, there weren’t any photographs. If the article would’ve included the new logo for the Uber Eats app or even a picture of one of the restaurants, it would have brought a human element to the story.

Even though the article did not include a photograph, it worked for me. The message of the article was concise and the wording was carefully chosen.

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