Weekly ‘What Works?’ Assignment 2

Headline: Parking department sells fewer permits at increased cost

On August 30, The Daily Mississippian posted an article about a common issue shared by most college students: parking.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have become the stage for students to post their frustrations with finding a parking spot on campus, and even though these are funny I can relate.

I was immediately drawn to this article because 1. I am a college student, and 2. I am often seeking a parking spot –– be it on the Square or on campus. Upon reading this article, I was surprised at how informative it truly was. I always love seeing numbers, as they give more evidence and provide us with true facts, and to see that certain parking spots sold out in only five hours on campus was shocking. I know that we have a growing campus, but I didn’t know just how much until seeing cars circling the parking lots around campus.

Mike Harris, the Director of the Department of Parking and Transportation at Ole Miss, stated that students have been complaining about the lack of and the overselling of parking spaces on campus.

Harris said that the reason for the overselling was due to the fact that many students will use one parking spot in one day. In addition, Harris went on to mention that students are unaware of available parking spots on campus –– including the Manning Center, which is available to those who purchased a Residential, Commuter, or Faculty/Staff permit and usually has over 100 vacant spots.

I also thought this article worked not only because of the information that was given by someone in authority but also because the article mentions a student’s frustration with the issue.

Cellas Hayes, a senior biology major, says that it is “inconsiderate” to pay so much money for a parking spot and end up following someone to his or her car just so she can get a spot in time to make it to class.

I like that we are given a perspective of a student who shows frustration; however, I think it would also be effective to provide the audience with a student who maybe has not seen the frustration with parking.

Personally, I have never had a hard time parking on campus. Since I’ve been to Ole Miss, I have purchased a Park-n-Ride permit at the South Lot. No matter if I’m running late to class or am simply rushed for time, I am guaranteed a parking spot every day. This article even mentions that the Park-n-Ride option has over 700 open vacancies at both locations combined.

All in all, I feel that this article was informative and eye-opening to the fact that Ole Miss is a growing campus and th4e need for parking is severe. However, Harris did inform students who are frustrated with parking to perhaps ‘venture’ off and find a vacant spot that is not where they usually park. I think this article might even lead students to purchase more permits at the South Lot and the Jackson Avenue Center.

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