What Works: Week 4 Assignment

Headline: Lost Dog Coffee finds home in Plein Air

On Saturday, September 8, the small community of Taylor welcomed their newest business: Lost Dog Coffee.

When I first glanced at the newspaper, I was drawn to this article for many reasons: the title, the location, and the detail. Because I am a coffee-connoisseur, I am always intrigued to find new coffee shops that pop-up close by. Since I live off Old Taylor Rd., I was even more excited to know that this is not far from where I live!

The structure of this article was always smooth. I didn’t feel as though it went from one thought to another. With some stories and articles about new things opening, the flow is not consistent and jumps from one subject to the next; however, this one was different.

At the very beginning, we get a photograph of the shop –– which automatically gives us a visual image of what the place looks like. I think it’s a great idea to include a photograph at the very beginning so people aren’t worrying and wondering what this place might look like.

In addition, We are presented with the information that is needed to answer most of our questions –– which is how every story should begin. Then, the story starts to unfold, as we are given a brief “history” of how the creation of Lost Dog came to be.

For me, I personally enjoy seeing quotations near the top of a story, and seeing one in the third paragraph was a great detail. These quotes allow us to connect with the person speaking, as well as giving personality to the text.

Another thing I liked about this article was that the author really made it interesting. Sometimes when writing stories about a store opening, they seem somewhat “dull,” if you will. However, this one was interesting because I think the need for more coffee shops in the surrounding areas of Oxford is high. In addition, the detail we were given about this coffee shop was informative. To know that this coffee shop will have one of the first Modbar AV espresso makers in it is impressive, which I think will draw in more people.

The article concludes by giving us information about their soft opening and the hours in which it will be held. In my opinion, I always like to end a story with giving people information about a business or the time something will take place, so I thought this was very effective.

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