Weekly ‘What Works’ Assignment: Week 5

By: Abby Vance

Headline: Is teen vaping really an epidemic?

NBC News recently published an article about the new hobby teens are investing themselves in: vaping.

When I first saw this article, I was drawn to it by the title. Because my age-group wasn’t introduced to vaping as teenagers, I was somewhat oblivious to the shocking number of teenagers vaping. In this article, a doctor stated that 12 patients of ages ranging from 12-20 vaped using ‘Juul,’ which is a type of e-cigarette that can be purchased in many flavors.

In my opinion, I thought this article was very informative. Because I am not well-informed on ‘Juul’s’, vaping, or any type of electronic cigarette or nicotine-giving device, I was interested in learning more about them.

I will say, however, that I wish the first direct quote would have been something more informative. The first quote given didn’t really add much to the story, and I found one near the bottom that would have been much more effective at the top:

“This is the next teenage epidemic and by the time we figure the long-term consequences out, a whole generation of kids, their health is going to be impacted,” Thompson said.

Although we wouldn’t know who Thompson is without it being addressed previously, this quote would be much more impactful instead of it being near the end. Because many people want the most important information first, I think that having this quote at the top would show the urgency to stop teenage vaping.

The article also gave us photographs of people using a Juul so we could see what they look like. I thought this was great because it added another dimension to the story.

In addition, I felt that the information given was important and helpful. At the end, the article states that the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) wants to do all it can to ensure young people are not becoming addicted to these because of the abundant flavor options available.

All in all, I thought this article worked on many levels, as it was educational to know the impact vaping is having on teens. Because some teens and adults think that vaping is an ‘okay’ thing to do, I think this article addresses the seriousness of this epidemic.

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