‘What Works’ Week 6

Headline:  Nappily Ever After Celebrates the Natural Beauty of Black Women

On Friday, September 21, Teen Vogue published a story about the release of a new Netflix-original movie, Nappily Ever After.

This op-ed piece was written by Teryn Payne, and in my opinion, it is very well-written. Most women struggle with accepting their bodies, hair, etc. in their natural state; however, this piece challenges us women to do that.

As a female who also has curly hair that often resembles a lion’s mane, I resonated with this piece and movie. Growing up, I did everything I could to make my hair less natural. I would blow dry, straighten, crimp, curl with rollers and put all kinds of chemicals in my hair because all the girls my age had beautiful, long straight hair.

And I thought that’s what I wanted. Or I thought that’s what was deemed ‘acceptable.’

However, in this article, Payne challenges us women to embrace our natural hair, especially black women.  The reason I liked this article and thinks it works so well is because it makes me think of how society has completely transformed our way of defining what is beautiful and what is not.

This opinion-piece was raw, authentic, thought-provoking and just an all-around good read. In addition, it made me want to watch the movie, which I think is something that is reflective of good writing.

In the article, pictures were also present to add another dimension. It validated the reality of embracing the natural beauty of black women. In the movie, the main character shaved her head to allow her hair to grow back in its natural state. She received hateful comments from her boss, her so-called fiance and society.

But she finally attained that level of confidence she had always wanted.

And that’s better than any ‘hate’ comment we could ever receive.

All in all, this article was touching, inspiring and thought-provoking. I enjoyed the point of view it was told from and the style in which it was written.

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