‘What Works’ Week 7

This morning, Teen Vogue published an article on their website about how this famous star deals with break-ups. 

Noah Centineo, an American actor, recently posted a video on Glamour where he read tweets from his viewers and answered their questions about relationships, breakups and life. 

For starters, I think this article works because of the information it provided. The public is always so quick to listen to the advice from actors, especially after a breakup, We, as those who are not in the spotlight, seek advice from those who seem to be able to bounce back from a relationship so quickly. 

In Centineo’s video, one fan asked him how he got over a breakup, and he stated this compelling remark: “Focus on yourself.”

One reason why I think this works so well is because of the weight his answer carries. This remark is applicable to so many aspects of life.  He doesn’t say this in a selfish way but rather as a way to cope and move on. 

So many times we see celebrities almost bashing their previous relationships, but this was a very mature way to deal with a breakup. By focusing on himself after a breakup, he found out more of what he liked to do, and I think that is something worth noting. 

Centineo also answers how he deals with stress and feeling overwhelmed, to which he replies, “I don’t.”

In the last line of the interview, he humorously added that he takes bubble baths to relieve his stress. 

All in all, this article was beneficial and very interesting to me. I enjoyed having a celebrity being real and raw with his audience, which is crucial. Breakups are hard, and dealing with stress is also hard. It was just almost a breath of fresh air to have a celebrity’s opinion and to know that he does, in fact, stress a lot and feel overwhelmed.


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