‘What Works’ Week 8

This week, Teen Vogue published an article about Taylor Swift’s comments about the midterm elections.

One reason I was drawn to this article was that it was about a celebrity and her political views. Another reason is that I just love Taylor Swift, because she’s Taylor Swift.

A lot of times, celebrities are always given grief about any-and-everything they post. They can’t say what they want or do what they want to do because they have millions of people watching their every move; however, with Swift, she goes against the grain and tells people the truth.

I thought this was a very good article because it highlights important issues in our country today. I truly think that celebrities should be able to say what they want to. After all, we are allowed to say whatever we want to — unfiltered. I know that celebrities are held to a higher standard almost, but I think we need to accept their opinions.

Another thing I liked about this article was the photos and the connection it made to social media. In today’s society, we connect to social media now more than ever. Having that example in this article was a great addition.

All in all, this article was very useful as it highlights celebrities using their platform to their advantage

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