‘What Works’ Week 9

Headline: Can You Get Sick From the Flu Shot?

With the colder weather quickly approaching, many people are eager to get their flu shot.

In this article published by Teen Vogue on October 17, writer Bartie Scott addressed why some people are apprehensive about getting the flu shot.

Even though many people die yearly from the flu, some people refuse to get the flu shot. Why? The article suggests that many parents don’t allow their children to get the vaccine because they believe it will actually give them the flu.

A survey was held that showed over half of the parents believed this.

After speaking with doctors from Orlando, the article stated that the doctors said that the vaccine does not, in fact, give people the flu. The vaccine is made by giving off the flu virus that has been inactivated or using a single gene from the virus that will not cause infection.

I believe this article works for many reasons. It is very informative about the flu vaccine. In my opinion, I personally have always thought that the reason I got the flu was because of the fact that I got the flu vaccine. Every year I have gotten the vaccine, I have gotten the flu. And even though that isn’t proven to be true, I always thought that was the reason; therefore, I never got the vaccine. However, in this article, doctors also stated that “if you come into contact with the virus before the vaccine becomes effective, you may get sick and perceive it to be because of the shot.”

This is a very ‘newsworthy’ article and informative. I think that people who read Vogue will be interested in this information. It’s a great way to provide the audience with informative data. Also, they provided us with statistics and numbers, which help us know that this is true.

All in all, I really enjoyed this article and thought it was great. And who knows, maybe I will actually get the flu shot this year?!

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