‘What Works’ Week 10

Headline: Why Spain is Set to Become the Country With the Longest Life Expectancy


Teen Vogue published an article under their food category about why Spain is the country with the longest life expectancy. I was first drawn to this article by the title — because who doesn’t want to live longer? Personally speaking, if there’s anything the Spaniards are doing to live longer, I want to get in on that!


I thought this article worked for more reasons than one. First off, it was informational. In magazines, most of the time you reach for the magazine because of the cover. In this online edition, you get to choose what you want to read. I loved that in a magazine that is about fashion, we get information about other cultures and information about life in general.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation ran a report and published it in The Guardian and found that Spain would be the country to have the highest life expectancy by the year 2040, and the United States ranked 64th. The reason for this is the widespread opioid crisis here in the U.S.


The article goes on to discuss that the reason the Spaniards will live so long is due to their diet. Being near the Mediterranean Sea, they eat what is known as “The Mediterranean Diet,”  which is a diet that consists of local fruits, vegetables, olive oil, grains and fish. I think that by adding links to this information made it easier to understand and an easy way to follow this diet and promote a healthier heart.


All in all, this article was informative, including links to statistics which builds the credibility of the article. I had honestly always been curious about the Mediterranean diet, and after reading, know I will try to add more of that to my diet, even though I already eat mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

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