‘What Works’ Week 11

Headline: A Black Senate Candidate Stumps in Mississippi, but His Party Holds Him Back


On October 25, an article was published on The New York Times out of Indianola, Mississippi, about the struggles an African American male has faced during his life.

Thirty years prior to this article, the young man, Mike Epsy, was a young lawyer and was working towards becoming a member of Congress. Due to his race, many whites didn’t shake his hand. Fast-forward 30 years, and some of that racial tension has dissipated. Epsy is a former member of the House and also served as Bill Clinton’s agriculture secretary.

Epsy was the first African American Senator since the Reconstruction, which is a huge barrier to cross. In the article, it states a major issue that is at stake with the midterm elections coming up on Tuesday, November 6: “convincing voters in an overwhelmingly Republican state to break partisan ranks and support a party that has gone all but extinct in major offices in this part of the South.”

In this year’s midterm election, Epsy is doing all he can to win the votes of the people, by doing what President Obama did in elections past, as well as things Obama failed to do, which is win the votes of the white voters in Mississippi who are farm owners, landowners, liberals and the young.

After reading this entire article, I think it does a great job of reporting. It doesn’t show just “one” side of the political spectrum. It shows both Democratic and Republican views, while highlighting the life of Epsy. It shows the changes that have been made since the height of racial tensions many years ago, but it also shows that the tension is still prevalent in areas today. We are supplied with a host of well-acclaimed sources as well, which also bring credibility to the passage.

All in all, I thought this was an extremely well-written article. I never knew all of this information about Mr. Epsy, or even who he was, before reading this. I feel more informed and prepared for the election coming up, and I’m sure this article aided in the decision-making process this coming Tuesday.

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